Food We Love

At Udi’s, we believe food should be more than just delicious.
We believe that in addition to delighting your palate and satisfying your appetite, great food should also nourish your body and contribute to your overall wellbeing.
Our new menu features a special selection of delicious plant-based entrees, salads, and sides that do just that. Packed with important micro-nutrients to provide the nourishment and natural energy we need to look and feel our best, each one of these dishes is heart-healthy in the truest sense of the words. Made fresh with whole grains, they’re low in sodium and fat, free of lactose, dairy, and trans fats, and best of all, they burst with naturally delicious, garden-fresh flavor. Enjoy!

See our restaurants menus for items marked with the green leaf:
Udi's at Stapleton Menu
Udis at Fitzsimmons Menu
Udis at Arvada Menu